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Fiber optic system is a powerful workhorse of your network backbone. However, the core of the system is made of a very delicate substance - silica glass. TeleDATA Systems will help you to take good care of your fiber optic system. We will assess the current state of your system and will help you to plan for the future. Past years budget constraints left your system with some dark fiber? This is an invaluable spare resource you can use. We will make sure you have enough terminated fibers to link your network devices together. Doesn't your multimode fiber optic cabling installed several years ago support Gigabit applications? We will help you with migration from multimode fiber to singlemode one. Before you plan your network upgrade, call TeleDATA Systems and let us reveal all the properties of your system. We will tell you how exactly you can upgrade your network with Gigabit or even emerging Ten Gigabit Ethernet equipment using your existing capacity. Money saved on your physical infrastructure will become money well spent on your future equipment purchase. Fiber optics requires plenty of experience and a great deal of care. TeleDATA Systems will represent you before your contractor to ensure excellent quality of installation.
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